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We’re the Largest Company in the U.S. The Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. has years’ old foundations to provide humid air to manufacturers in the United States. We are renowned as one of the largest manufacturers for reducing air pollution and filtering it by various air purifiers at the industrial level. By the years of manufacturing and configuration expertise in the air purification and dust reducing enterprise, the Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. team ensures you that your systems comply with regulative standards and suitable for each application.

We’re not bound to be a single manufacturer. We do have collaborations with our country’s premier modern air filtration entrepreneurs; we directly work with them to provide the most reliable and plausible air purifying products at highly competitive charges.


We provide continuous maintenance and service for cleaning the air from the dust particles. The most appropriate filters and the best services for each model, design, and trademark of the air purification system performed on an on-call base or a regular service plan are provided by Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. Our excellent service along with our swift response have gained us the chance of serving all kind of business whether its large or small, investigation facilities, sanitariums, and air purifier plants for three decades and counting.


We use novel humidifying technology with air conditioning to achieve excellent results. The average air purifiers only push polluted air by a filter, our technology works by coupling various purifying technologies. The outcome is more fresh air at a faster rate with the pin-drop silence process that utilizes less power as compared to a light-bulb.




In the most economical frame, when it comes to the essence of our Health Grip products, we leave blank to chance. With the years of experience, Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. has the vision to give 100% fresh air to your environment with the use of the latest filtration technology. We use technical equipment to meet your requirements. Our experts visit your facility to estimate your methods and give special guidance. 


Get a personalized custom solution based on your particular demands. All air cleaning and disinfecting systems ultimately will require their filters renewed to guarantee air purification on the whole. We offer a full variety of renewing filters for a wide range of manufacturers. We develop professional work relations with the advanced manufacturing air filtration companies to provide the best air humidifying products at the cheapest costs. Filters for every type, design, and brand of air purification system are available here.

If you’re unable to assess your filter, let us assist you. We’ll get the best fit for your required application. If you’re looking for the replacement filters for assessing which air purifier is best, we have expertise in rendering a range of replacement filters.


Health Grip Story

We’re Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. which plays a crucial role in offering healthy and fresh breathing to our clients and further their friends, families, loved ones, etc. in a significant approach whilst giving a set of salubrious and healthy home solutions. Our pure air solutions are entirely devised, spontaneous, and long-lasting with perfect outcomes you can observe. We truly believe that the wellness of a person leads him to a successful life, and of course, the pure and fresh air matters a lot in the realm of great health.Our approximately years of records in a well home enterprise made us able to get enough information and experience. When it comes to the products that make the environment of your house, people, and life fresh & healthy, this experience and knowledge are required to assist you to have quick and personalized decisions. We fully have faith that you deserve great quality products. We prove our words; when we say that our products are more reliable and meet your expectations, you’ll see our products satisfying your requirements completely. We strongly believe in clarity encompassing our rules, applications, and claims. We do a steadfast promise to give 100% best services and exceed your expectations.Health Grip products are exceptional to disinfect your air and make your breathing easier. We guarantee to supply 100% humidified air with less sound & less power while using advanced technology. Our prize-winning air humidifiers and air purifiers are invented and designed in the United States to work according to our clients’ needs and to leave the merest negative result on the climate. We make our air humidifying and purifying products from trustworthy & reliable resources and processable stuff; and yeah very less power is consumed by our purifiers than a lightbulb.We’re on edge by giving fast & free shipping in most of the states. Your order will reach you within five business days. One of the most appreciated things about us is that we offer a free return within one-two months. In case when you’re not satisfied, We will prepare for a free replacement. So, breathe fresh air during a month’s home trial session. We’re more helpful for you while giving you a prolonged warranty offer with no extra charges. For years to come, we guarantee disinfected and pure air by prolonging your warranty period too. We’ve experts trained in fixing & supplying the best air purifying & humidifying products to make you and your relatives breathe in fresh air for better health.

We’re the best because we resolve your problems through various steps. We meet and sort out your issues by dust collection, replacement filters, oil film gathering, and welding fume removal. 

Dust Collection

 Overcome the prospect of harmful dust flaming by our supported controlling measurements! Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. grants dust collector methods for all brands of modern air purification applications whilst including crushing dust particles, fired-explosive dust particles, lime and fly ash dust particles, timber dust particles, ceramic-dust particles, sand-dust particles, rubber-dust particles, ore-dust particles, and oil film and smoke applications.

Replacement Filters

 Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. uses replacement filters to humidify and purify the air. To guarantee air quality, on the whole, all air purifying systems will finally require their filters to be replaced. We’ll assess if some filters can be cleaned and replaced while others will need to be abandoned. Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. provides you with a wide variety of replacement filters to purify the air.

Oil Film Gathering

 Handle dangerous pollutants and deadly gases! Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. gives a full variety of fog collectors possible in customized arrangements to satisfy your requirements. Units would be hanging-free from the roof, ground-fixed and motionless, compact, or yet installed directly on the device. Reach us for the custom layout and configuration of your optimal vapor gathering operation!

Welding Fume Removal

 Clean smog and toxic contaminants, and reuse air purifier plants! Health Grip Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. offers a broad variety of welding fume and gas removal methods while including hanging-free units, wall-fixed units, and computer-fixed units. A range of expansion units for reservoir gathering is accessible.

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